Earlier in 2010 I co-presented a pilot for a new television show, F-Stop.

The aim of the show is to ‘help viewers go from zero to hero with their digital camera’. It was produced and directed by Roy Jones from Lightly Frozen and my delightful co-presenter was the multi-talented Samantha Baines.

Canon EOS 5D Mk II sporting a follow focus

The show is primarily studio-based featuring interviews, how-tos and competitions but, aptly, the on-location VTs are shot using a top-end DSLR camera, the awesome Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

As a camera nut myself I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the mechanics of DSLR videography – the follow focus, matte box, a plethora of lenses and filters – finding it altogether a more tactile (although potentially more fiddly) experience than filming with a traditional all-in-one HD Cam.

I think the beautiful results speak for themselves and I’ve very kindly now been allowed to include a short excerpt of me at work on the show.

In this item I take my own DSLR, the brand-new Canon EOS 550D, to Farningham in Kent where I demonstrate how taking your camera out of its automatic mode can give you so much more creative control over your shots.

Enjoy, and do check back for news of what happens next with the show.