LG brings the light pen into the 21st century, but is it really a light-year leap from its first appearance in 1967?

Recently I wrote a piece for the Wired UK GeekDad column about interactive television and my daughter’s failed attempts at touchscreen tactility with Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy from BBC’s In The Night Garden.

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The post coincides with IFA 2011 in Berlin where LG announced the PenTouch TV (PZ850T) which, as the name might suggest, lets you draw on the screen using a special USB pen.

Of course, this is nothing new: owners of the BBC Micro will remember the ‘Light Pen‘ from nearly 30 years ago, and the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World first reported on a light pen in this fascinating report from 1967.

The software bundled with the LG set does look pretty handy though, and whilst the pen to screen response look somewhat laggy and certainly not to industrial standards, LG has done a good job of integrating it with PC, printer and so on.

Here’s a handy hands-on video from IFA 2011 of the LG PenTouch TV by T3.com‘s Rhi Morgan: