I simply must share this delightful video and post by mobile journalism practitioner and trainer Glen Mulcahy.

Filmed and edited entirely on iPhone and iPad this short video really shows off the high-quality output that is achievable from iPhone video with the right accessories and workflow.

Of course, while I tend to get excited about the technology and the tools here it’s very easy to forget the critical role of the film-maker. Hand over a top quality camera and software to somebody who doesn’t have a story to tell nor know how to tell it and the result will very likely be uninteresting, no matter how technically steady or clear the picture and sound are.

The message is that the technology itself ultimately should be transparent to the viewer; these tools are there only to help realise and deliver the story-teller’s vision.

That said Glen Mulcahy, a Production Development Manager and Trainer for RTÉ in Ireland, is very much an expert in story-telling too and the work he does within the Mobile Journalism community to develop and share new workflows and technologies is inspired.

If this field of work interests you I urge you to check out Glen’s Mulcahy’s blog for his video and mobile journalism technology news and thoughts.