In the midst of hosting The HUB Theatre at the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas in London last week I was asked to appear in a Channel 4 News report celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first ever SMS.

Some random SMS facts and figures I pulled up in my research:

  • Telenotes – the original name for SMS messages
  • 200 – the number of SMS messages sent per month by the average UK mobile phone owner.
  • 150 billion – SMS messages sent in the UK during 2011
  • 7 trillion – messages sent worldwide every year
  • 200,000 – messages sent every second

(sources: Ofcom Annual Communications Report, July 2012; International Telecommunications Union)

As I discuss in the report with Asha Tanna, it appears as though SMS volumes in the UK are for the first time beginning to waver, due largely to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and messaging services such as iMessage, BBM and Whatsapp. Globally the SMS trend is still one of growth.