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iPhone Video in the Hands of a Pro

I simply must share this delightful video and post by mobile journalism practitioner and trainer Glen Mulcahy.

Filmed and edited entirely on iPhone and iPad this short video really shows off the high-quality output that is achievable from iPhone video with the right accessories and workflow.

Of course, while I tend to get excited about the technology and the tools here it’s very easy to forget the critical role of the film-maker. Hand over a top quality camera and software to somebody who doesn’t have a story to tell nor know how to tell it and the result will very likely be uninteresting, no matter how technically steady or clear the picture and sound are.

The message is that the technology itself ultimately should be transparent to the viewer; these tools are there only to help realise and deliver the story-teller’s vision.

That said Glen Mulcahy, a Production Development Manager and Trainer for RTÉ in Ireland, is very much an expert in story-telling too and the work he does within the Mobile Journalism community to develop and share new workflows and technologies is inspired.

If this field of work interests you I urge you to check out Glen’s Mulcahy’s blog for his video and mobile journalism technology news and thoughts.

Serious about Siri

I’ve been getting all tingly and excited lately about Siri, Apple’s all-hearing personal assistant technology.

Speech recognition has never reached the heights of the public’s lofty expectations, but in its inimitable style Apple has re-invented and re-invigorated a stagnating technology.

In this post for Computer Weekly a few weeks ago I explored how Siri is far more than just a neat trick inside an iPhone.

Siri can – and should – be embraced to help us interface better with other everyday objects. Think of it as a Universal Remote Control but instead of pressing buttons it listens to what you ask it and sends the commands to your TV, DVD player, alarm clock, central heating, washing machine, car – the possibilities are endless. This use of the iPhone as a VR Gateway has recently been demonstrated by some clever people using Siri Proxy.

You can read my full post in Computer Weekly right here.

Finally, I couldn’t help but share this video: just imagine if Apple had announced an Apple TV set at during its announcement last week (who knows what they might have called it: iTV, ATV, Apple TV?) and had gone ahead and integrated Siri rather than a traditional hand-held remote control. Might it have looked like this?

BBC Smartphone Teardown

Last week I filmed a piece for a new BBC One show examining exactly what goes into making the everyday things we take for granted, anything from a latte in our local coffee shop to the trusty smartphone in our hand.

Armed with nothing more than an Apple iPhone 3GS, a screw-driver, a plunger and a spunger tool I set about dismantling the smartphone for the cameras while explaining what each of its internal components was and how much they might cost individually. As a final coup-de-theatre I even managed to put the phone back together again and prove that it still worked (that it did was as much of a surprise to me as it was to the rest of the crew).

I wouldn’t have been able to do this piece at all without the excellent team from iFixit who ritually rip anything and everything apart just for kicks, nor the analysts at IHS iSuppli Market Research who do pretty much the same thing for supply chain reports (and probably for kicks too).

I wanted to share this picture of a mostly dismantled iPhone 3GS:

Photo credit: iFixit.com

(Note how here the RF protection has been removed from the logic board revealing the iPhone 3GS ARM Cortex-A8 processor and storage etc, plus the screen and digitiser have also been separated – in reality these are rather tricky to take apart and, given the cost of readily available replacement components, perhaps unnecessary)

In total, we reckoned that a 32GB iPhone 3GS would have cost around £130 for parts and assembly, yet retailed at around £538 (without contract). What our figure doesn’t include is anything that represents Apple’s vast logistics and marketing machinery, its outlets or, significantly, its research and development costs which are sure to add considerably to the unit cost.

I’ll be sure to post up here when I hear about the broadcast date for the show.

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