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David McClelland, Technology Expert

Rip Off Britain Holidays

David McClelland, Technology ExpertFor the last two series of BBC One’s Consumer Affairs show Rip Off Britain I’ve appeared as the Telecoms and Technology Expert primarily offering hints and advice to the millions of mobile phone users in the UK.

This week sees the second season of its successful spin-off show, Rip Off Britain: Holidays, and once again I’m delighted to be on hand to help.

With Britain in the grip of one of the wettest and windiest winters in a generation our thoughts naturally turn to an escape abroad to warmer and sunnier climes.

However, in an increasingly connected society, among the challenges of travelling abroad is how safely to use your mobile phone without getting a nasty surprise from an unexpectedly large bill upon your return home – so-called ‘bill shock’.

This is just a short iPlayer excerpt from a longer item, to see the full shows visit the Rip Off Britain website.

The BBC has also published a downloadable guide featuring my handy hints for taking your mobile abroad which you can download here.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays broadcasts on BBC One at 11am each day from Monday 6th to Friday 10th January 2014, repeated the following weekday on BBC Two at 7am.

Hands on with Nokia Lumia 925 for O2 Guru TV

Earlier this week I got hands-on with Nokia’s new flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 925, at the global launch event in London.

Aside from the all-new aluminium body the big stories with the Nokia Lumia 925 are the PureView camera’s insane low-light capabilities and the integrated Nokia Smart Camera software, both of which we had plenty of opportunities to try out at the event:

As you can see, it’s a cracking handset with a very interesting camera that I’d love to take on a holiday with me to try out in more detail.

I was delighted to be working once again with Pat Doyle, who produced the O2 Guru TV Fast Forward film from the Gadget Show Live.

To watch more top tech films from O2, including Fast Forward, the monthly show presented by me all about future trends and technology, visit the O2 Guru TV YouTube channel and his subscribe.

Hands-on with Blackberry Q10 for Computer Weekly

Picking up my pen once again for Computer Weekly’s Inspect-a-Gadget column I spend some quality time with BlackBerry’s brand new handset, the Q10.

BlackBerry Q10

The Q10 is the first BlackBerry device to feature a physical keyboard since the release of its new operating system and Z10 all-touchscreen smartphone earlier in 2013.

The familiar looking handset is a big deal for the recently renamed canadian tech firm, marking its first real foray back into its core corporate market since adopting BB10 as its strategic OS.

Head on over to Computer Weekly to read what I make of the BlackBerry Q10.

Channel 4 News for SMS @ 20 Report

In the midst of hosting The HUB Theatre at the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas in London last week I was asked to appear in a Channel 4 News report celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first ever SMS.

Some random SMS facts and figures I pulled up in my research:

  • Telenotes – the original name for SMS messages
  • 200 – the number of SMS messages sent per month by the average UK mobile phone owner.
  • 150 billion – SMS messages sent in the UK during 2011
  • 7 trillion – messages sent worldwide every year
  • 200,000 – messages sent every second

(sources: Ofcom Annual Communications Report, July 2012; International Telecommunications Union)

As I discuss in the report with Asha Tanna, it appears as though SMS volumes in the UK are for the first time beginning to waver, due largely to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and messaging services such as iMessage, BBM and Whatsapp. Globally the SMS trend is still one of growth.

HTC One X Stock Image

Androidography explored on CNET UK

HTC One X Stock ImageI’m all for helping smartphone users get creative with their handsets, especially when taking photos or shooting video.

As exciting as it has been to watch iPhoneography become a hit as Apple’s smartphone platform has evolved,  I’m delighted to see Androidography as a movement beginning to mature as well.

But while iPhoneography gets lot of attention in press and online, Androidography has so far enjoyed altogether less exposure.

The good news is that CNET UK has recently published a feature of mine on Androidography.

How to take great photos with an HTC One X follows an in-handset workflow, shooting, editing and sharing your shots without stepping anywhere near a PC.

While the piece focuses on the HTC One X hardware there’s still a whole lot in there that will be useful to users of other Android handsets, for example the apps and the accessories sections, as well as the general shooting and editing tips.

Of course, if shooting video is more your thing you should check out my features on Android videography and iPhone videography, also at CNET UK.

How to make HD movies on your Android

How To Make Movies with your Android Smartphone

How to make HD movies on your AndroidThe second of my How to Make HD Movies on your Smartphone features for CNET UK was published last week. This time I focused on videography for the Android platform and used the Samsung Galaxy S3 handset as an example.

My iPhone filmmaking feature has been receiving great interest and feedback online too; as always there’s so much more that I could have written about accessories and apps and the same is true for the Android version.

I’ll be writing more very soon on mobile journalism and smartphone videography so do keep checking back.

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