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Unpacking the Skyscanner Flight Booking Scam - BBC Rip Off Britain

Consumer Champion, Television,

We are into the final week of this season of BBC Rip Off Britain where the ‘cost of living special’ shows are broadcast live from London.

Among the stories I’ve covered over the last two weeks of shows recorded in our HQ in Manchester are the home security companies that have left viewers feeling anything but, how high-tech scammers have been targeting small businesses’ social media accounts and - as per the clip below - how fraudsters posing as a flight search and comparison service Skyscanner have been ruining victims’ holidays before they’ve even begun.

In this case, the scammers might have appeared to have infiltrated Skyscanner's customer data in order to arm their approaches to prospective victims, but upon investigation the evidence suggests instead that traveller information - including contact and flight details - was swept up from weaponised social media advertising. Working closely with the Skyscanner security team, we were even able to show the adverts used by the scammers.

Watch the full item from the show on BBC iPlayer.

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