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Metro - Vinyl Revival

Metro – Vinyl Revival

In this week’s Metro newspaper I share my top turntable picks.

The ‘vinyl revival‘ is a term coined to describe the resurgent interest in records and record players that dominated the musical youths of me and many others over 35. In fact, record sales recently hit a 25-year high.

Technically obsolete behind the CD, MP3 and now online streaming services, vinyl has nevertheless maintained mindshare with those who value the tangible side of owning music – not least the album art – alongside the much vaunted ‘warmth‘ vinyl brings. Indisputably, nostalgia plays a big part of this; cost and convenience? Perhaps not so much.

Metro - Vinyl Revival

I can tell you that the first 7-inch singles I bought were You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon and For America by Red Box (wasn’t 1986 a great year?), but they were pre-dated in our house by shelves of my parents‘ discs – an eclectic mix of folk, country and pop, plus Hancock‘s Half Hour radio comedies like The Blood Donor and (my favourite) The Radio Ham.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter – Hands-On Video Preview

I got hands-on with the new Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 at the London press launch last week.

You can read the piece I wrote for Computer Weekly just here, or watch the interview/hands-on video I put together just below.

I reviewed the original Parrot AR.Drone quadricopter* in 2010 not long after its award-winning debut at the Consumer Electronics Fair in Las Vegas and you can still see for yourself why I should never be given a pilot’s licence.

At this year’s CES 2012 Parrot pulled an updated AR.Drone 2.0 out of its hat, this time promising flight controls and stunts that even I could manage, plus the ability to record and upload high definition video of my aviation triumphs.

From my Computer Weekly piece, here’s a quick video showing how I got on:

* To clarify a minor point (only because it had me confused), there’s a very subtle distinction between the quadrocopter/quadrotor, both of which appear to be generic terms for flying devices sporting four rotors, and the quadricopter, which appears to be Parrot’s product-specific term for its four-rotored AR.Drone.

Video Review of the Parrot AR.Drone

In November 2010 the team at the NFTS asked if I would review Parrot’s ground-breaking new boys’ toy, the AR.Drone, for their ‘live at five’ magazine show, The Loft. Never one to shirk a tech challenge, I accepted.

Armed with nothing more than my trusty iPad, here’s how I got on.

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