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Hong Kong at Night (@DavidMcClelland)

GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong

I recently visited Hong Kong and China as a guest of the GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong and its principal partner HSBC UK.

The GREAT Festival of Innovation is organised by UK Department for International Trade, and designed to showcase the best of British talent – across business, fashion, media and the arts – and to build further bridges between the UK, Hong Kong and China.

While I was there I hosted panel sessions and podcasts for HSBC UK on key themes around technology and innovation in the Silicon Delta region, and opportunities for growing international trade.

I also visited Shenzhen, China, to speak with technology firms including DJI – a flyaway success with drones and camera gimbal tech – and the robotics firm that urges us to ‘Dream with Robots’, UBTECH.

It was an insightful week, and I’m very grateful to my hosts HSBC UK and the Sideshow team for the invitation, as well as to everyone I spoke with in the podcasts and panel sessions.

Smashing Security

Sexy Cybersecurity: The Smashing Security Podcast

I turned the internet’s air blue as I guested on this week’s Smashing Security podcast.

I’ve been listening to and enjoying the Smashing Security podcast since it began late last year.

Hosted by security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, the weekly show rounds up the latest news on hacks, data breaches and cyber security with a healthy dose humour and energy.

So, I had no hesitation when Graham asked if I might appear as a guest on the show. I suspect he may hesitate before asking me again though…

Tasked with covering some of the week’s news, I quickly rounded on three sex stories:

  • how the UK government plans to enforce age verification for sites serving adult content by April 2018
  • how the owner of the Ashley Madison website has set aside $11 million to settle with disgruntled users following the 2015 data leak
  • how one online adult service has introduced biometric authentication for male members

Needless to say, we covered the news with a professionalism befitting the material. Well, mostly. Hear for yourself:

To check out further episodes of the show, and to subscribe, visit the Smashing Security website.

frackulous technology podcast

Frackulous: a Technology Podcast for Humans

Frackulous is a technology podcast (for humans) featuring tech journo-turned-video whizz Will Head, Guinness World Record botherer-turned YouTube train traveller Geoff Marshall – and me.

Will, Geoff and I chat about being content creators and the tech that we use (with no apologies for geeking out on that part). What’s more, because we don’t like doing things the easy way, Frackulous is both a video and an audio podcast.

For his latest project, Geoff has been visiting all 2,563 UK mainland train stations, so recording has been a little sporadic of late. But with this latest episode, we’re back on track.

Here is that latest ep. After the gap.

Subscribe to Frackulous: a Technology Podcast for Humans on iTunes (audio and video), YouTube and lots of other places too. Visit frackulous.com to see previous episodes and shownotes.

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