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David McClelland O2 Guru with Gaffer Tape

6 Degrees of Summer, Making of Film 4

David McClelland O2 Guru with Gaffer TapeThe next in the series O2 Guru TV films I’ve been hosting taking a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of ‘Six Degrees of Summer’ has just been released.

This unique project features 6 interlocking short films by BAFTA award winning directors and up-and-coming filmmakers. What’s more there is the opportunity for a rising star to pitch to have their film produced as part of the anthology.

But perhaps most intriguing of all is that all of the footage for the films is shot on smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 both which, coincidentally, I’ve been writing about recently in some features for CNET UK.

This film takes a crew’s eye view behind the cameras at Monkey’s Wedding, written and directed by O2 competition winner Nick Jesper.

David McClelland on O2 Guru TV

O2 Guru TV Inspire – Six Degrees of Summer

More mobile movie-making madness! As well as penning some features for CNET UK on how to make movies with your mobile, I’m also presenting for O2 Guru TV on smartphone film-making.David McClelland on O2 Guru TV

This is the first of a series of behind-the-scenes films I’ll be introducing for O2 Guru TV all about Six Degrees of Summer, a film project sponsored by O2 which features a unique twist: the public get to pitch to make one of the six interleaving films.

As BAFTA award winner Tom Shankland demonstrates here with an iPhone 4S, it’s all about ingenuity and back-to-basics storytelling when shooting with a smartphone:

I can’t wait to see the how the final film turns out, and particularly how smartphone footage looks in the hands of a pro – watch this space for more.

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